Stumble Guys Released on iOS

Stumble Guys is inspired heavily by Fall Guys. Many people even call it the mobile version of Fall Guys. However, Stumble Guys was only available on Android. But the developers have just launched the game on iOS.

Stumble Guys Launched on iOS

Everyone waiting for the Stumble Guys iOS Version can finally jump in joy because Kitka Games has just launched Stumble Guys on iOS worldwide.

Stumble Guys appstore

The launch announcement was made on the official Twitter handle of the game. Now iPhone and iPad users can simply download Stumble Guys from their local AppStore.

About Stumble Guys

Released in 2020, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a platformer battle royale game that gained popularity quickly. But the mobile gamers could do nothing but watch as the game was only available on PC and Consoles. There is no news that an official mobile version of Fall Guys will release anytime soon.

Fall Guys mobile

This is when Stumble Guys comes into the picture. Players were looking for a mobile version of Fall Guys, and Stumble Guys provide exactly that.

Stumble Guys is developed by Kitka Games, which is a gaming studio based in Finland.

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So that’s it for this news. Hopefully, if you were looking for the Stumble Guys iOS version, you have got it. And for more such Mobile Gaming News & Updates, stay tuned with us.

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