Top 5 Mobile Games of 2020 By Revenue

The pandemic has been no less than a curse to many of the businesses and industries. However, the gaming industry was one of the very few that benefited as people worldwide were forced to stay indoors.

Mobile gaming, which has been on the rise for the past couple of years, has shown exponential growth this year. A total of five mobile games have crossed a yearly revenue of 1 Billion Dollars. And today in this post, we will check out these Top 5 Mobile Games of 2020 by Revenue.

1. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile stands chest open at the number one position in the list of Top 6 mobile games in the world. For the first time, the game managed to beat ‘Honor of Kings’ in yearly revenue. Despite getting banned from India, PUBG Mobile managed to generate 2.6 Billion dollars in revenue in 2020, almost 1 Billion more than what it generated in the entire 2019.

2. Honor of Kings

Honor of Kings was holding the number one position in the list of top 5 mobile games for android by revenue for quite some time. But this time, it slipped a little and managed only the second position by generating 2.5 Billion Dollars in 2020.

However, it is important to note that Honor of Kings is a mobile MOBA game that is only limited to China. Its English version is called Arena of Valor, but the English version’s earnings are not counted in this list.

Fun Fact: Both PUBG Mobile & Honor of Kings is developed and published by Tencent Games.

3. Pokémon GO

Coming at number three is Pokémon GO, which once again proved that the craze for this AR-based game released way back in 2016 has still not faded. The game has managed to generate a total of 1.2 Billion dollars in 2020.

4. Coin Master

Coin Master is always sitting at the trending charts on Google Play and Apple Appstore. This game created by an Israeli studio Moon Active has been viral amongst the European players since its launch in 2015. The game generated a total of 1.1 Billion Dollars in 2020.

5. Roblox

Three is no candy crush saga or monster strike this time on the list as Roblox comes at the fifth spot in the list by generating a total of 1.1 Billion Dollars in 2020.

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Note: The data for this list of Top 5 Mobile Games of 2020 By Revenue has been taken from the recently published report by sensor tower.

In 2020 the mobile gaming market has generated a total of 75.4 Billion dollars, which is 19.5% more than the revenue generated in 2019. The total revenue generated by mobile games this year is more than the GDP of around 125 countries.

It is expected that there might be a dip in revenue in 2021, but what do you think? Will the mobile gaming industry surprise the world one more time?

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