Cookie Run: Kingdom Arrives on Android and iOS

Cookie Run: Kingdom is Devsisters’ third game in the cookie run series. And if you are one of the thousands of fans who have been eagerly waiting for the game to release, then you are in luck! Cookie Run: Kingdom has just been released and is now live on both android and iOS.

About Cookie Run: Kingdom

As mentioned above, Cookie Run: Kingdom is the third game in the cookie run series, but that is not how you should be judging the game. It is quite different from the previously released other two games – Cookie Run and Cookie Run Overworld.

Cookie Run: kingdom brings a whole new set of twists and adventures with base-building and RPG. As a player, you will set on an adventure to find traces of great Cookie Heroes and uncover the secrets of the past. Players can bake and collect new cookies, assembling the best fighters’ to go against evil cake monsters, legend dragons, and other enemies. Furthermore, the game offers 200 story levels to play. 

How to Download and Play Cookie Run: Kingdom?

The English version of Cookie Run: Kingdom has just been released worldwide; players can now download the game for free via Google Play and Apple Appstore.

Note: The game is available for download on Android and iOS now, but the game server will go live only at 1:00 AM UTC on 21 January. If you are having trouble logging into the game, then just look at the time.

Predictions about Cookie Run: Kingdom Launch?

There is no doubt that Cookie Run: Kingdom is a much-awaited game on the mobile platform. Thousands of players had already Pre-Registered for the game and will download it right away. Cookie Run: kingdom can easily be titled as the game of the month.

Cookie Run Gameplay

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So that’s it for our post on Cookie Run: Kingdom. For more details, check out the game’s official website or ask us in the comments below. 

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