League Of Legends Wild Rift Beginner’s Guide

League of Legends Wild Rift is now available in most countries around the world. It is not a denying fact that most of the current wild rift players have already played other mobile MOBA games or played the league of legends PC version itself.

But there are still quite a few players who haven’t touched a MOBA game in their entire life and want to get into the community via Wild Rift. The game can be quite confusing for new players; therefore, we have created a League Of Legends Wild Rift Beginner’s Guide for such players, which will help them quickly understand the basics and advance to becoming a Pro player.

Main Objective

Wild rift is a team-based strategy game where two teams of five players battle against each other to accomplish their objectives. The objective is to destroy the enemy nexus. However, the objective is simple and easy to understand, but the way in which you achieve the objective is what league of legends wild rift is all about – you will have to kill enemies, power up, make epic plays, and lead your team to victory.

Understanding The Map

The game beings with each team spawning at the extreme ends of the map called the ‘base,’ and the center of the base is the main tower, a.k.a the nexus – which is what you will aim to destroy on the enemy’s side to win the game.


Behind the nexus is the fountain, where players will find themselves at the start of the game. It is also the place where you will respawn after you die or recall back to the base. It is the safest place on the map for your team; it has a laser that can one-shot kill any enemy champion who tries to enter the fountain.

Standing in the fountain will quickly recover all of a champion’s health and mana. The fountain is also the place where the shop is located. The shop is a place where champions can buy, sell, and power-up items with the gold they have earned.


In order to reach the enemy nexus and win the game, a team will have to carve a path into the enemy base. Like any other MOBA game, there are three lanes in Wild Rift – Baron Lane, Mid Lane, and Dragon lane. Each team will have a total of 9 turrets, three in each lane. These turrets attack the enemy minions and champions once they entire in its range. A team will have to break all turrets in a particular lane to reach the enemy nexus. Commonly, this is done by helping minions reach the enemy turret so that when the turret is attacking the minion, you can damage and destroy it. Once a turret is destroyed, it will never come back.

Once a team breaks all turrets in a particular lane, then your nexus will produce super minions in that lane to help push for the final victory.


In between the lanes where the minions don’t go lies the jungle where you will find monsters. Three main monsters every player should know about are Rift Herald, Baron Nasher, and the drake. Teams will try to take out these monsters and gains unique buffs depending on epic monsters slain.

Baron Nasher is the strongest monster in the game. Killing it will give your team a temporary buff that increases damage, ability power, and makes the minions stronger as well as reduces the recall time. However, baron does not show up in the game until 10 minutes of the game.

Until that time, after 6 minutes in the game – his pit is occupied by rift herald. The team killing rift herald can summon it as an ally, which will then run down and attach the closest enemy turret.

Talking of drake, it will spawn after 4 minutes in the game and will spawn multiple times throughout the game. Killing the drake will provide the team with an elemental bonus.


Nexus is also the place where the minions are created. Minions are small units that march down the three lanes of the map. Minions of your team will automatically be attacking anything that belongs to the enemy side – the champions, towers, or other minions.

There are three types of minions – Melee, caster, and siege. Melee minions hold the front line and have extra health, caster minions have more damage and can attack from range, and siege minions span randomly to help the teams to push towards the enemy tower.


There are 5 players in each team. Every player fills in a unique role. There are two solo lanes roles – Mid lane and Baron lane. While the dragon lane consists of two roles – support and carry. Lastly, the fifth player plays in the jungle.

Each lane’s position and whether you solo or duo in the lane impacts the type of champion to be selected. Champions who play in baron lane should be durable fighters or tanks. In mid lane plays, the champions who have massive damage and have high mobility. The dragon lane is the lane for duos where the carry deals a lot of damage, and the support helps him in surviving. And lastly, the Jungler kill monsters to quickly level and help other champions in the team to gank and finish enemy champions.

You can learn more about the roles and champions on the official wild rift website.

Gold and XP

Throughout the game, the champion will become stronger. There are two ways in which you strengthen and power up your champion is by earning gold and experience. Gold is spent at the item shop, purchasing items that give the champions more stars (attack damage, defense, etc.) while XP increases the level of the champion, allowing him to upgrade his abilities.

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So that’s it for our League Of Legends Wild Rift Beginner’s Guide, keep these points in mind, and we will be publishing an advance guide shortly.

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