Star Wars: Hunters Announced To Release in 2021

Zynga has announced an upcoming squad-based free-to-play arena combat game titled ‘Star Wars: Hunters‘. Zynga has teamed up with NaturalMotion Games to bring this game. Star Wars: Hunters will release on Android, iOS, and Switch later this year.

About Star Wars: Hunters

The game was revealed during Nintendo Direct, where Zynga and Lucasfilm Games announced that they are working on a competitive arena combat game titled ‘Star Wars: Hunters‘ that will release on Switch and Mobile later in 2021. 

The game features many distinctive new star wars characters, and it is sure to bring together all the franchise fans and engage them in team-based, multiplayer battles.

The details are still scarce, but what we know for sure is that Star Wars: Hunters is a competitive third-person shooter game set in the Star Wars universe. The game takes place after the Galactic Empire’s fall, and it will have squad-based multiplayer combat.

The company has also released a teaser trailer of the game that gives us the first glimpse of some of the new faces, including Wookiee warrior and a mysterious red lightsaber-wielding fighter.

Star Wars Hunters Gameplay New

When will Star Wars: Hunters Release?

Zynga has announced that they will release Star Wars: Hunters sometime in 2021 for both Switch and Mobile platforms. However, the exact date of release has not been revealed yet. But going by the rumors, you can expect the game to launch somewhere in Q4 of 2021.

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So that is all the information that has been announced about Star Wars: Hunters. A dedicated website for the game has also been launched, where players can sign-up for a future update on the game and dig for more details.

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