PUBG Mobile Season 18: New X-Suit ‘Blood Raven’ Leaked

PUBG Mobile has only one X-Suit in the entire game. It’s called ‘Golden Pharaoh X-Suit,’ and it’s often said to be the best outfit available in the whole game. But what if we tell you that something better is coming? Yes, you got it right; a brand new X-Suit called ‘Blood Raven’ will be released in Season 18 of PUBG Mobile. The new X-Suit has been leaked already, and in this post, we will check the details of the same.

What is X-Suit in PUBG Mobile?

Let’s start with the basics. In September 2020, Tencent Games announced that it would release an X-Suit in PUB called ‘Golden Pharoah X-Suit,’ which will be the first upgradable outfit in the game.

So X-Suit is basically like any other outfit in the game, but it’s an upgradable outfit. The suit has multiple levels, and a player can use some unique materials to upgrade the suit to the next level. Upgrading the suit to the next level unlocks special emotes, animation, Kill effect, etc.

PUBG Mobile X-Suit

PUBG Mobile Season 18 to Bring A New X-Suit ‘Blood Raven’

PUBG Mobile Season 18 is almost around the corner and will release in March 2021. It is also when PUBG Mobile will be celebrating its 3rd anniversary. Thus, the developers have planned a lot of new features and updates for that time. One such upcoming update is the new X-Suit ‘Blood Raven’.

Blood Raven is an upcoming X-Suit in PUBG Mobile. It looks fantastic with a perfect shade of Black and Red. As you upgrade the X-Suit, it becomes more reddish.

PUBG Mobile New Xsuit Season 18

As the name of the X-Suit itself suggest, Blood Raven X-Suit has emotes, animation, and outfit that revolves around the raven bird. For Example: At the first star (level) of the X-Suit, you will get access to a emote, which will let you call a bunch of ravens and transform your outfit into a more reddish version.

Like the Golden Pharo X-Suit, the Blood Raven X-Suit can also be upgraded to a maximum of 6 stars (levels), allowing you to access all the perks. The Suit can only be obtained by opening special crates during the event that will run for a limited time during Season 18 of PUBG Mobile. Thus, you will have to dig deep into your pockets if you want to obtain this new Blood Raven X-Suit in PUBG Mobile.

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So that is it for all the news we have about the upcoming Blood Raven X-Suit in PUBG Mobile Season 18. If you have any questions about this forthcoming X-Suit, then let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Do you know if the blood raven draw will use the same upgrading materials as the pharaoh (star forge stones and star fragments) so that people can go back and upgrade the pharaoh if the want? You can access and upgrade the pharaoh under the workshop tab labeled “X-Suit”, however you it says you can’t receive the materials anymore (until the blood raven draw I hope).

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