Global Offensive Mobile – A Mobile Version of CS:GO?

Global Offensive Mobile is an upcoming FPS mobile game. It’s not an official mobile version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. However, its resemblance has made it a trend in the mobile gaming community. Global Offensive Mobile is developed and published by a new gaming studio from Thailand named ‘Cheese WT.’

Why is Global Offensive Mobile Suddenly Getting Popular?

As we mentioned above, Global Offensive Mobile is quite similar to CS:GO; the name itself is very similar. Thus, many gamers are taking it to be the official mobile version of CS:GO, and this is why it’s going around in the news.

Global Offensive Mobile Ingame screenshot

Moreover, CS:GO enjoys a massive fan following, and the game is not available on the mobile platform. Mobile gamers have been asking for such a game on the platform for a long time now, and it looks like Global Offensive Mobile might fill this gap. This is another reason for its sudden popularity.

About Global Offensive Mobile Game:

As we mentioned above, Global Offensive Mobile is an upcoming free-to-play mobile FPS game that is being developed by a Thai gaming studio ‘Cheese WT.’ The game looks like to takes its inspiration from CS:GO. It is quite similar to CS:GO, be it the maps or the gameplay style, the CS:GO players can easily relate to it. With that being said, the game graphics look fantastic, and the controls seem to be adapted for the mobile platform perfectly.

When will Global Offensive Mobile Release?

Forget about the release date; not many details have been revealed about the game itself. However, the game’s beta version has just been released, and the game is currently under the early testing phase. It looks like the game will only be able to release globally at the end of 2020.

csgo mobile

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With that being said, we always wanted to have the CS:GO experience on mobile, and it looks like Global Offensive Mobile may be able to fulfill our wish. What are your views? Do let us know in the comments below. Also for more details on Global Offensive Mobile Game, you can check out the official twitter handle of the game.

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