FAU-G Mobile Tips And Tricks

nCore Games has just launched FAU-G Mobile for both Android and iOS users. The game features three game modes: Campaign, Team Deathmatch, and Free-for-all. But right now, only Campaign mode is available to play; other modes will be added in the next 3-6 months.

Faug game modes

Talking of Campaign mode, it features just one mission that takes you less than 25 minutes to finish. But it only sounds easy; we have seen players spending hours and hours and giving up at the end. Therefore, here are our Top 5 FAU-G Mobile Tips and Tricks to quickly complete the campaign mode.

1. Avoid Group Fights

FAU-G Mobile features fights between soldiers of two different countries. The developers have tried to make the game realistic, which means you have to play it logically.

If you want to save time and quickly progress, always try to avoid enemies in groups. Try to take a fight with no more than four enemies at a single time. If many enemies approach you, then run backward, and half of them will go back, now beat the half and then go for others.

Faug group fights

2. Use Weapons At Right Time

If you use weapons as soon as you pick them up, then you are making a huge mistake. You should always carry weapons with you and only use them to beat the tougher enemies (the ones with armor) or when you get caught in a group fight.

Also, there are three types of weapons in the game, namely: Club, Axe, and Pipe. Keep in mind that Pipe is the best as it lasts long in fights, then Axe is ok as well, and Club is pretty much useless.

Faug Weapon types

3. Attack Is The Best Defense

In FAU-G game, an attack is the best defense in the game. Talking of controls, the game features a movement joystick and one attack, and one defense button.

We have completed the entire campaign mission in less than 16 Minutes, and We didn’t use the defense button even once because – attack is the only thing you need in FAU-G game.

Before an enemy soldier is about to attack you, he will be highlighted by a red outline, all you have to do to stop his attack is just him once, and his attack will stop.

FAUG Mobile Fights

4. Understand Enemy Soldiers

FAU-G features different types of enemy soldiers, each having different strengths and abilities. For example, there are regular enemy soldiers in yellowish uniforms. Then there are enemy soldiers with armor in greyish uniforms, and the most deadly ones are in the blue uniform with armor.

Yellowish uniform ones are relatively easy to take down; all you need is a few punches and kicks. It doesn’t even matter if they have weapons or not; they are quite easy to kill. Soldiers with armor in greyish uniforms are not deadly, but they have quite a lot of health points, which means you have to hit them a lot. Lastly, the blue uniform ones are quite deadly; they have massive HP and you would want to use weapons to kill them.

Most importantly, be careful of Enemy soldiers (Blue uniform ones) with Axes or pipes in their hands; they are the only ones that can deal a lot of damage to you, sometimes even kill you in one shot. So you might want to consider killing them first in a fight.

Faug Enemy types

5. Time is Essential

In the FAU-G campaign mode, time is of utmost importance. We have seen players failing in the campaign mode mostly because they run out of time. So always be on your toes, finish fights quickly and advance to the next checkpoint as soon as possible.

As a player, you will get 25 minutes to complete the Campaign mode; if we can do it in 16 minutes, so can anyone else.

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So that is it for our beginners FAU-G Mobile tips and Tricks; if you haven’t downloaded the game yet, do it right away. You can get it on Playstore. Other than this, if you have any questions about the game, drop them in the comments.

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