COD Mobile Season 13 Rank Reset Explained

Activision has just officially announced that Call of Duty Mobile Season 13 will be releasing shortly. The new season has been titled ‘Winter War’ and will feature a lot of snow-related content, such as winter skins, snowy maps, etc. Season 13 of COD Mobile will also bring Rank Series 8, which means the players’ in-game ranks will reset once again.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 13

COD Mobile Season 13 to Bring Rank Series 8

Call of Duty Mobile releases a new season every month, while the new rank series is released every two months. This is why the next season of COD Mobile is Season 13 which will come with Rank Series 8.

Now that you have learned how Seasons and Rank Series go hand-in-hand, let us tell you more about rank series. With the arrival of a new rank series, every player’s rank in COD Mobile is demoted. Players then have to start again by winning matches and aiming to reach the legendary rank. Rank Resets are done to refresh the game’s leaderboard; otherwise, the top players will stay on the top for a lifetime.

However, it won’t be fair to take a legendary and Elite player and demote them both to the same level, right? Therefore Activision follows a Rank Reset System, according to which all players are demoted as per to their current rank.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 13 Rank Reset System Explained

Activision follows the below-mentioned system to determine how a player’s rank shall be reset when a new rank series is introduced in Call of Duty Mobile. The same rank rest system will be followed when Rank Series 8 will be introduced in Call of Duty Mobile Season 13.

Current Player RankRank After Reset
LegendaryPro I
Master VElite V
Master IVElite II
Master IIIElite II
Master IIElite II
Master IElite I
Pro VVeteran V
Pro III and Pro IVVeteran IV
Pro I and Pro IIVeteran III
Elite IV and Elite VVeteran II
Elite II and Elite IIIVeteran I
Elite I and Veteran VRookie V
Veteran III and Veteran IVRookie IV
Veteran IIRookie III
Veteran IRookie II
Rookie I,II,III,IV and VRookie I

For example, We are currently in Legendary Rank in Season 12, so when Season 13 and the new Rank Series 8 will arrive in Call of Duty Mobile, our rank will reset to Pro I.

Highest Rank in COD Mobile After Rank Reset

The Highest rank in COD Mobile is Legendary; however, right after the rank reset, the player’s highest rank can be Pro I. This is why many players wait for the new rank series to start pushing rank and get on the leaderboard easily.

COD Mobile Rank Series 8

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Hopefully, this post clarifies your doubts about the COD Mobile rank reset system. But if you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments below.

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