COD Mobile Season 1: New Weapons, Maps and Modes Revealed

If you are staying out of the loop and wondering what happened to Call of Duty Mobile Season 14, let us tell you that the developers have decided to reset the season numbers and begin fresh in the new year. Therefore, the upcoming brand new season has been renamed to COD Mobile Season 1 of 2021.

COD Mobile Season 1 Teaser

The very first season of COD Mobile in 2021 has been titled ‘New Order.’ Activision has released a teaser video of the upcoming season, which you can have a look at below.

New Weapons

In the recent community update on Reddit, Activision has officially confirmed that they will add two new weapons to Call of Duty Mobile in Season 1 of 2021.

The first weapon is FR 5.56, which is an assault rifle. The gun has excellent accuracy and performs well in medium to long-range combat. It will be available for players to collect from the Battle Pass.

COD Mobile New Gun leak Season 1 2021

The second is SKS, which is a marksman rifle. It’s going be to be the second marksman rifle in COD Mobile after Kilo. Being a marksman sniper rifle, it will be perfect for quick snipers. Players will have to complete in-game seasonal challenges to get this gun.

Call of Duty Mobile New Gun SKS

New Map

In every new season, the developers of Call of Duty Mobile release a new map. This time for Season 1 of COD Mobile 2021, Activision has planned to release reclaim map. Its is a small-to-mid-sized map featuring a pedestrian walkway flanked by boutiques in the center and barricaded roadways to either side.

COD Mobile Reclaim Map

New Modes

The developers have also officially confirmed that they will release new game modes such as Attack of the Undead 20, 3v3 Gunfight Mode, etc., in COD Mobile Season 1 of 2021. Furthermore, a new battle royale mode will also be added to the game, but details of that have not been revealed yet.

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In addition to the details mentioned above, many other things, such as in-game events, new operator skills, etc., will also be added in Season 1 of Call of Duty Mobile, but we will discuss it all in our future posts.

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