COD Mobile New Upcoming Features of 2021 Got Leaked

After a year of its global launch, Call of Duty Mobile has finally released in China too. Activision and Timi Studio, a subsidiary of Tencent Games made it official on Christmas by making the game available to download in China. Since its launch in China, the game has received massive popularity and has already topped the charts of app stores.

But to our surprise, the Chinese version of Call of Duty Mobile is quite different from what we have. It consists of many new features that are not available in the global version of the game yet. So what does that mean? Will these new leaked features of COD Mobile come to the global version soon? Let’s find out.

COD Mobile Chinese Version

Call of Duty Mobile Leaked Features of 2021

Call of Duty Mobile Chinese Version has many new features that are yet to be released in the game’s global version; let’s check out these leaked features.

1. Zombie Dogs (Clown Class)

In the Chinese version of COD Mobile, if you use Clown class’s ability, instead of spawning zombies, two zombie dogs will spawn, attacking the nearby enemy.

COD Mobile Leaked Zombie Dogs

2. Hill Climbing Speed Increased

Going by the Chinese version, the speed of climbing down or up the hill will be increased highly in COD Mobile.

3. Self-Revive System

If a player is knocked out in the global version, they can only be revived by a teammate. However, in the COD Mobile Chinese version, if the player is knocked out due to the outer zone, they can self-revive themselves using a reviving kit, which can be found in drops.

Self Revive COD Mobile

4. New Health System

The most important update will be the introduction of the New Health System. All the Medics: Adrenaline, First Aid, bandages will be removed from the game. And a new health system will be introduced.

The game will follow the kind of health system as in Fortnite, where the player will have an armor life and normal health. Armor life can be fixed by using armor plates, while the normal health will automatically regenerate with time when the player is not taking any damage.

New Health System COD Mobile

5. Graphics Improvement

Following the footsteps of PUBG Mobile, soon Call of Duty Mobile will also introduce a new weather animation system and enhance the game’s graphics. From time to time, the weather will change, and the plants and water will respond to these weather changes in a more realistic manner.

COD Mobile Graphics Improvement

6. Other Changes

  • New Bag Layout.
  • New Drop Symbols.
  • New Normal Kill animation.
  • New Gunsmith UI

When will These Features Come to Call of Duty Mobile Global Version?

However, the developers have not officially confirmed that these features present in the Call of Duty Mobile Chinese Version will be making their way to the global version at all. But we are pretty sure that they will.

Call of duty mobile gameplay

Tencent Games are the developer and publisher of PUBG Mobile, and they follow a pattern. They release new features in the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile, and then around a month later, they launch it in the Global version of PUBG Mobile.

Now, Tencent Games is the one that works on the development of COD Mobile alongside Activision. Furthermore, they are also the ones who have published the Chinese version of COD Mobile. So the same pattern will be followed here, which means these leaked features we talked about earlier are definitely coming to the global version of Call of Duty Mobile.

So that’s it for this post. Are you excited about these leaked features of COD Mobile to be coming soon in the global version? Or not? Let us know in the comments section below.

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