Call of Duty Mobile to finally release in China this December 2020

What if we tell you that Call of Duty Mobile is still not available in the most prominent mobile gaming market country ‘China‘ yet. Shocking right? Now to add more to it, COD Mobile is developed by Timi Studios (studio under Tencent Games). Tencent Games is a Chinese game studio and also the world’s biggest mobile game developer by revenue. Even when the game is created by a Chinese developer, why is it not available in their own country itself? We will answer your question later in this post.

But finally, some good news has arrived for the Chinese Call of Duty Franchise Fans, as Activision and Tencent Games is finally all set to release COD Mobile in china this December 2020.

Why is COD Mobile Not Available in China?

Unlike other countries where the app developers can directly publish their games on app stores with just a few reasonable restrictions. In China, the games has to be submitted for government approval. It can only be published once permission from the Chinese Government for the same is given. And just for your information, this process can easily take a couple of years.

The same happened with PUBG Mobile, which was published globally in March 2018, but in China, the game was released almost one year late in May 2019 that too with a different name of ‘Peacekeeper Elite.’

Similarly, with Call of Duty Mobile, the game was launched globally on 1 October 2019. While the players from all around the world enjoyed the insane mobile shooter, the Chinese version was still waiting for approval. It was only in August 2020; the Chinese government green flagged the app.

Since then, the developers have released multiple betas for the Chinese version of COD Mobile. They have already started taking Pre-Registration for the Chinese version, and now it is expected that the game will release soon.

When Will COD Mobile Release in China?

Both Activision and Tencent have confirmed that they will be releasing Call of Duty Mobile Chinese Version in December 2020. However, as of now, the exact date of release is still unknown, but going by the expected date on the Appstore listing of the app, it shall arrive on 31 December 2020.

China is a massive market for mobile games; over 20% of Total PUBG Mobile Downloads comes from China. This is enough to understand how big of a market the country will be for Call of Duty Mobile. Furthermore, a total of 50 Million players have already Pre-Register for the COD Mobile Chinese Version.

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